Sail CI is Shutting Down

We're shutting down on 6th October


We’ve made the heavy decision to shut down Sail CI on 6th October 2019. Please make sure you have moved to another service by this date. We recommend GitHub Actions if you require a similar concurrency model. If you would like any help moving to another service feel free to contact us and we’ll try and help.

When we started Sail CI we had a belief that no team should be restricted in the age of the cloud. This meant shifting the way CI is typically used to a model where concurrency is unbounded; allowing teams to go as fast as they need. We think we’ve achieved this in some ways but fallen short in others.

The reality is that Continuous Integration is a crowded market. With GitHub Actions recently being announced it becomes even harder to justify using another service when you’re already using GitHub.

Thank you to everyone who spent the time trying out Sail CI and giving us feedback.