About us

Empowering teams to deliver more every day

Meet the Founders

Chris Shepherd

Chris Shepherd

From a love of games to web development, Chris has worked within a plethora of sectors and many large-scale clients delivering modern tech. With an intricate eye for detail when it comes to a developers experience, Chris is always looking at how we can improve Sail CI to be best in class in everything we deliver. When Chris is not doing his daily duties you can typically find Chris and the crew on Rocket League.

Jon Sharratt

Jon Sharratt

Has been a software engineer for over 13 years, self-taught since a young boy with a love and passion for technology never dwindling to this day. His experience ranges from building, leading and forming teams for larges companies and award-winning projects. He has many years of consultancy behind him introducing DevOps, culture, modern infrastructure and new ways of working. Jon loves the mantra "always be learning".

What we Believe

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to empower teams across the world to deliver new and exciting creations every second of every day.

We believe with the correct application of modern cloud technologies we can provide and empower teams new ways to help deliver value effectively and continuously from day one.

We aim to take every pain point out of the software delivery process (as we have been there ourselves) and provide the world-class platform to collaborate and deliver value to customers.

Our Values

  • Autonomy and trust, this is everyone's place to thrive.
  • Care and tenacity in everything we do.
  • Strong opinions weakly held.
  • Share openly and honestly.
  • Humble together, teams deliver software not individuals.