CI without the limits.

A cloud native and distributed continuous integration platform with unlimited concurrency as standard. Use Docker containers as tasks and only pay for the time they run.

Never queue for builds ever again.

Set your team free with unlimited concurrency and parallelism. Stop wasting time and money waiting for builds. Deliver features more confidently and faster than ever before.

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Sail CI
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Flexible resources
  • Pay per minute

Other Continuous Integration Tools

Other CI
  • Limited Compute Power
  • Pay for “always on” Resources
  • Limited Concurrency

Best in class collaboration.

Deep integration with the tools you and your teams love. Real-time logs stream directly into GitHub, save time context switching and more time building and collaborating.

Setup CI in less than a minute

Quick Guide


Use any public Docker image to run build, test, linting and any other tasks against your codebase.


Optional command to provide a default entrypoint program to execute.


Optional arguments to pass to the command specified, if no command is specified it will pass them to the default entrypoint.


Optional regular expression that matches a git ref to determine if a task should run.

Powerful pipelines as code.

Build pipelines on your terms. Sequential and parallel components of your pipeline allow unrivalled simplicity and speed. Build your pipeline as code and commit as part of your repository using YAML.

Monorepo support.

Every task can be configured to build when only certain files have changed since the last build. Keep your pipeline efficent and don't waste time and money on irrelevant builds.

Docker as tasks.

Every task within your pipeline has a single Docker image that runs. Your team can create re-usable tasks as images or take advantage of over 100,000+ images on Docker Hub. With Docker treated as a first-class citizen, the possibilities are endless.